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My point exactly. He needs to end this website or update it more. To everyone else: Thank you for the years of support.

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I spent so much of my free time writing 6 years and counting because of readers like you. More articles to come. If your trying to be smart with the vacation thing well I have 2 things. Your past work was very in depth and ranged for beginners to advanced guys. I loved that but then the subpar movement started. As a competitive person, when things that I utilize fail me it frustrates me to a boiling point.

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And as head of this website you should never get to a point where your lacking depth and taking time off. Your making good money off customers who would like future work. They have contracts and families who depend on those contracts. Your not a farmer but you have put out a service that should be updated frequently and have better and consistent structure. I will assume you at least had decent enough parents to knock some etiquette and manners into you by the time you were You do NOT attack people in public, ok?

Third…all your future comments will be deleted because they are disrespectful, helpful to nobody not me, not other readers, not even yourself , and only distract from the point of this page…which is to discuss boxing technique.

Lastly…you need to get over your sense of entitlement because it makes you sound like a big baby. I do not OWE you free articles, do you understand? Do you get that? As hard as I work on my website…I work just as hard in many other areas of my life. If you were grown up enough and had enough responsibilities in your life, you would be man enough to understand that. It now officially takes me about 5 hours every week to answer website comments, and 5 hours every week to answer Youtube comments. I do not make money off the free articles.

YOU are not paying for my free articles, ok? I, on the other hand, am a one-man show. I do not owe you my services of FREE writing, editing, photographing, photoshopping, recording, video-editing, coding, uploading, publishing, organizing, structuring, translating… all by myself.


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Tell me…in all your years of reading my work…what exactly have you done for me that even comes close to the amount of time that I put into the work? Why should I have to do any of this for you? Why should I choose to write for you for free, over spending time with a sick dying grandparent…or helping my friend build his business…or learning how to play a guitar for my own pleasure.

In the meanwhile, I hope you find a new outlet to cope with your issues. Thanks for all the support my friend. Cheers to all of us boxers. It can help you to improve, you need a coach that can focus on your disadvantages, cant you see that u r the only one person that is negative about this site…that should tell you everything…. Getting to train 2. Thanks for the article Johnny! Thanks Jordan.

What I meant by smooth muscle was more so based on the look of it. If you look at a guy like Erislandy Lara, his muscle tone has this smooth look to it compared to Timothy Bradley who has really knotted up muscles. I notice that smooth motion comes from practice, focus, and repeated motions but I also believe the way our body is set up would have something to do with it.

The biggest two contributors to how skin looks and feels can be said to be water content, and fat storage content. Fat loss can have much the same results, but of course in a different way. I recommend looking up Ross Edgley, a sports scientist who lost 24 pounds in 24 hours through manipulation of diet, water intake, and water output. As for the development of muscles, skeletal muscles the kind we control to move around come in 3 types of fibers, each fiber type behaves differently and thus each has specific purposes; slow-twitch, fast-twitch A and fast-twitch B.

Lara, who is in a higher weight class, is also 3 inches taller, and also fights in a different stance than Bradley, has what may seem to be smooth muscles, but superficially his smoothness seems to be due to body fat and skin tightness. Sorry for the super long reply, I got carried away; hope something I said was of help Chris. That was actually a great response Jordan and I appreciate it a ton, thanks! Generally when determining if someone is slick I look for things like how effortless their punches seem or how coordinated they are and balanced. Everything you posted makes a lot of sense and helps me delve a little deeper into the subject.

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I appreciate that you took the time with the response and even googled both the fighters i was using as examples. Again thanks a lot I learned a lot from this post and will use it to up my game! If you want to look like Lara cut down weights and stick to calisthenics Body weight exercises , this should make you faster and more flexible too. But of course…life, and a million other responsibilities are also important.

Not everybody can get everything they want. Kodi, i think u cant get better articles for free my brother…its …theres nothing like that this days. I understand it was better before…its similar story with some apps on your phone its free for 30days, and its very nice, but then u have to pay… With Johnny- maybe try contacting him and ask for special program or whatever u r interested in… But dont spit on his work-not fair All the best! Secondly: Who the fuck raised you? Did they do a shitty job or did you just resist all attempts of them trying to make you a decent human? Did you save Johnny and his family from a burning building?

Cause it seems like ya think you did. I have a 2 hr commute each way to work, so until that changes, this works for me. Cheers, bro. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your website. This is the most informative, detailed and well organized free boxing website I have found.

Boxing for beginners - Training techniques Episode 1

Thank you for taking the time to create and maintain this site. People like Kody are closed minded, biased and have a hard time with looking from the otherside. They will argue with you to the end.

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  8. Although you handled it well, arguments in the thread should be avoided. Delete his comments, ban him from the site and move forward. When you get time, yes some advanced skills would be great. I also understand you have advanced skills training I can purchase — I look forward to paying you for your time. We are blessed that we can get this much content for free.

    We should be grateful that you are doing any of this for free. At some point you have to go to a gym. At some point this site will not be enough.

    Boxing Workout One

    Thank you for the kind words, Jerrel. Johnny i was ready your easy boxing workout and i saw you were talking about a amateur boxing workout guide whatever happened to that? It would require so much detail and effort, time and energy to make that I would only consider doing it as a premium product. You would have to have no job, zero social life, and virtually no responsibilties to devote hours to training each day.

    That turns that 5 hour day into a hour day. Jim Jeffries workout routine before he met Bob Fitzsimmons was unbelievable.

    How to Train Like a Professional MMA Fighter

    Jeffries would spar rounds, hit the bag for minutes without stopping, skip rope 1,, times, and finish up by throwing around an 18lb medicine ball or wrestling. Jeffries would also play 3 games of handball daily while in training.

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    Hello, i need some advice plz from u that know best. And as simple as possible plz. I trained for 2 months. I was good and liked it. Then stopped for various reasons for 6 months now. The last time i went I did a spar with a better guy but at the end i got him i think cause he started to see me more seriously and be more cautious so it was an achievement for me and one of the reasons i stopped could be that i reached my goal…even though we didnt spar hard at all and not for long at all,with the guidance of our coach offcourse.

    Now a friend of mine appeared saying to me to restart and stuff. But i only like a lil bit of training on bags and the ball to avoid and minimum spar maybe. I know that if i want to learn i need to dedicate to it. To work out and stuff. But what i want is to eat large meals, go to cinema even play mario land hehe.