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But that is not the point.

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The real point is: How can Africa better utilize the opportunities China creates and avoid the traps it brings? However, this trend contrasts sharply with the growing collaboration between Chinese and American companies in infrastructure projects on the continent. Indeed, although the Chinese projects and financing have the tradition of favoring Chinese contractors and providers, the technical advantages of some American companies have made them the beneficiary of the Chinese campaign.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Poor working conditions, lack of environmental safety plague the industrial sector in China, thereby giving room to suspicion that similar conditions might prevail in their collaborative ventures. S in the South China Sea. There is close cooperation between India and Japan to counter the growing influence of China in Asia.

After implementing many high speed rail projects back home, China is beginning to implement them in other countries. Being the leader in high speed rail technology has helped japan to bag the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project in India. India has been at the forefront in helping developing nations and does so irrespective of monetary benefits.

This generous attitude of India makes for a natural partnership with third world countries. The Mekong rice delta in Vietnam faced a crisis situation, after China started construction of a dam on the Lancang River in the Yunnan province.

China’s Energy Needs

Water scarcity and maritime security will be matters of equal importance for lower Mekong countries like Cambodia and Vietnam Li and Kwa : p. India had to face a similar situation when China commenced work on dam across the Brahmaputra River. Bangladesh and Burma joined India in protesting against the construction of dam, thereby forcing the project to be temporarily halted.

But China will retain this option for use during conflict like situations. The inner logic behind China indulging in provocative actions like trespassing of borders, hot pursuit of fishing vessels, is to send a warning signal to its neighbours. America has been encouraging India to get more actively involved in the South China Sea affairs. The renaming of the Pacific command as Indo-Pacific command underlines the importance of India as a strategic ally, and entrusts it with the responsibility to safeguard the region.

India and other Asian nations stand to gain from the tussle between China and America. The dispute over South China Sea arose after China commenced offshore rigging in the region during China has certain reservations regarding the ASEAN forum and prefers to resolve disputes bilaterally with the neighbouring countries Hong : pp. The solution offered by China consists of formulating a legally non binding, code of conduct for dealing with the dispute.

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S Defence secretary James. On the contrary, China believes it has a legitimate claim to the islands and views the disputes as remnants of its Colonial past. Asian nations are caught in a piquant situation on giving assurances over their allegiance to the U. In a similar move, Cambodia has cancelled annual joint military exercise with America.

China and Nepal recently conducted their first ever military exercise named Sagarmatha friendship. Nepal has recently signed an agreement with the Chinese firm Gezhoubha Group Corporation to build a mw hydroelectric project in Buddhi- Gandaki at a cost of 2. The rebel faction in Myanmar receives strong backing from Beijing and this is a worrying factor for the ruling military junta. America is deploying the Thaad missile defence systems in South Korea to thwart any possible North Korean offensive. North Korea has become a bargaining chip for China to extract concessions from America Freeman Being aware of the Libyan model, North Korea is relying on security guarantee from China to proceed on denuclearization.

Eruption of smaller conflicts in South East Asia will always remain a possibility rather than a full scale war. The shortage in aircraft carriers makes the Chinese more vulnerable to economic blockade by sea. Chinese military programme relies more on ballistic strength to compensate for its weaknesses in other areas.

The major reason behind China adopting a no first policy of nuclear weapons, is to convince the world of its peaceful intentions. The gap in military strength between America and China has narrowed over the past decade. The hardline faction of the Chinese Politburo favours the use of force to resolve conflicts like that of Taiwan.

However, it would be illogical to fritter away the economic gains of the last decades by indulging in war-mongering. The border dispute has reared its ugly head again as China has renamed 6 places of Arunachal Pradesh in Chinese language. The issuing of stapled visas by china to Indian citizens belonging to the state of Arunachal Pradesh had stirred up a controversy in Indian prime minister Modi and Chinese president Xi Jinping met at the Chinese city of Wuhan for an informal summit on April 27—28 , speaking at the summit, Xi Jinping calmed fears of an showdown with India by stating that border dispute was of a limited and temporary nature.

The president further stated that. India has been admitted to the Shanghai cooperation organization as a full member which provides an opportunity to discuss with China on a wide range of issues. India will have to demonstrate higher levels of flexibility to accommodate Chinese interests. The Malabar exercise involving the navies of U. S, India and Japan were held on July 10 in Chennai. While the American naval command stressed on the inter operability factor as a crucial element in such exercises, their Japanese counterparts admitted gaining operational capability in the Indian Ocean region.

The naval exercise was watched cautiously by China, as it is worried that a coalition of this magnitude might undermine its dominance. The examples for such ports are Djibouti, Hambontota in Srilanka.

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  • The Marine Corps to be deployed in Djibouti would range around 20, to 1,00, troops. The docking of Chinese submarines in the Colombo port had recently created a furore in India. It may be noted that Colombo has made efforts to placate India by offering the Triconamalee port, but India has declined the offer. Indian naval personnel are being high trained by the American navy personnel to track Chinese submarines operating in the Indian Ocean. India has procured the maritime surveillance aircraft Poseidon to serve the same purpose.

    Chinese president, Xi Jinping has mooted the setting up of cross border economic cooperation zones in obor nations. The cross border economic zone in Khorgos, Mongolia, the first of its kind, has been developed in collaboration with the China. Mongolia has also been requested to consider setting up a free trade zone based on the Khorgos model. The foreign trips of Dalai Lama and the visits to the war shrine in Japan by the heads of states provoke China the most.

    China in Africa

    Kazakhistan and Krygistan receive strong support from china in the form of financial assistance. The power sector in Krygistan has received a boost with the construction of Bishkek thermal power station and Kazarman hydro power plant with financial support from China.

    Why Is China Investing Billions in Africa? - NowThis World

    The cut on tariffs prescribed by the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership would hurt the interests of India and other countries like South Korea and Malaysia which enjoy a trade surplus with China. The prospect of joint ventures with local firms would help to allay fears of job loss for native workers. China would gain from developing consensus among coalition partners than resorting to pressure tactics.

    Despite its strained relationship with Vietnam and Mongolia, China has invited both to participate in the obor project. China has allocated specific roles to allies to maximise cooperation. While Iran is being developed as a strategic partner, Pakistan remains a trusted defence partner.

    Chinese vertical world map focuses on Arctic - Big Think

    Ukraine and Russia are being tapped for their agricultural resources. Beijing has lacked a strong partner like Britain has supported America. The efforts to cultivate new friendship through financial assistance programs serves to boost its global image. Poland and Serbia are the main partners for China in central Europe. Serbia has taken the lead in Europe on technical cooperation with Beijing.

    Eastern European nations will find it hard to resist the temptation of being lured by soft loans offered by Export Import bank of China. China has submitted a proposal for constructing a bullet train line between Bangalore to Chennai in India. But the matter has now become sidelined due to the escalating tensions at the border. A major train accident near the city of Wenzhou in forced China to cut back on speed. Improving connectivity through rail network will complement the steps taken on external connectivity through belt road initiative.

    Urban rail project in Ethiopia and high speed rail in Laos, high speed line between Istanbul and Ankara are among other rail projects initiated by China. A part of the spending on infra structure goes towards establishing new ports and developing existing ones.

    Cosco shipping, a merged entity of Cosco and China shipping, owns the majority stake in the Piraeus port authority of Greece. The Chinese exports shipped to the Greek port of Piraeus are then transported by rail to European nations. The Mediterranean country of Egypt has received considerable investment for its banking sector from china.

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