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Meanwhile, when that mortal dies, its its high overseer. Under Kreeg's decades-long rule, soul will find itself condemned to the Nine Hells where Elturel embarked on a path to becoming not just a holy it twists into the form of a lemure unless it's used for city but the holy nation of Elturgard. That's how, over ages, a lemure might become a pit fiend.

Thavius was told the exact time when the Companion would cease to protect Elturel. In the weeks leacling up But devils do more than corrupt. Asmodeus attests that serving in his infer- Ravengard of Baldur's Gate to visit Elturel, to help settle nal legion is a holy honor. Fac- protect the multiverse from demonic destruction. While ing political pressure at home, Ravengard reluctantly that sounds impressive, most devils partake in the Blood acceded.

After greeting Ravengard's delegation. Thavius War only to distinguish themselves among their peers Kreeg fled Elturel in secret and watched from a safe dis- and move up the chain of command. Endlessly fighting tance as the Companion transformed from a racliant sun demons isn't what most devils signed up for. It ripped Elturel from the Material Plane, transporting it and all If a devil dies somewhere other than the Nine Hells, its inhabitants to Avernus.

A few other city folk managed it re-forms in the Nine Hells and is therefore not truly to escape before Elturel disappeared. Where it once killed. However, a devil that is killed in the Nine Hells is stood, only a crater remains. Devils are consummate charmers. The good ones savor the exchange of pleasantries, speaking in As the DM, you can play devils as humorous, aloof, bom- measured sentences or noticing pleasant details about bastic, conniving, or scatterbrained, but a general rule the environment or a character's clothing.

When dealing with mortals, devils are constantly figuring Patience. Devils are rarely in a rush to make a deal out how to exploit and corrupt them, often behind thin or sign a contract. As masters of the long con. This adventure features the Nine Hells, which is described CiviJity. Devils like to pretend that they run by the same in chapter 2 ofthe Dungeon Master's Guide.

Devils, being rules and obey the same social conventions as mor- the primary inhabitants ofthe Nine Hells, play prominent tals. Devils have no problem appearing and acting roles in this story. Before running the adventure, it's worth in whatever manner they need to achieve their end taking the time to familiarize yourself with the "Devils" goal- usually a contract for services or a soul.

They've entry in the Monster Manual, which not only describes learned that more can be gained from behaving in a the most common types ofdevils but also explains their civilized manner than reacting angrily or violently. Devils don't age, so there's rarely a sense they're scared of dying on their home plane.

This allows for winding schemes Stat Blocks. The Monster Manual contains stat blocks for that are rarely what they seem on the surface. For most of the monsters and non player characters N PCs minor devils, a simple acceptance of an evil gift is found in this adventure. Whenever this adventure presents enough, while greater devils enjoy tangling up charac- a new monster or NPC, you'll find its stat block near the ters in choices that compromise their values.

When a creature's name appears in bold type, tha t's a visual cue Unscrupulousness. Being evil and soulless, a devil can- pointing you to the creature's stat block in the Monster not be embarrassed or shamed, doesn't feel guilt or Manual. Ifthe stat block appears elsewhere, the adven- remorse, and is prepared to do the most heinous acts ture's text tells you where to find it. Spells and Magic Items. Spells and nonmagical equip- Fear of Demotion. A devil that disappoints a superior ment mentioned in the adventure are described in the can be demoted, whereupon it's instantly transformed Player's Handbook.

Magic items are described in the Dun- into a lesser form of devil. The greater the devil, the geon Master's Guide, unless the adventure's text directs you more it fears demotion and the loss of its power. Thus, to an item's description in appendix C. The following tips and tricks Fleeting reminders of this ancient paradise can come can help you make the characters' stay in Avernus a to the characters in the following ways: remarkable one.

The Nine Hells is a place of abject misery where no one is happy.

Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus

Stronger devils live in constant fear of catches the scent of Rowers or perfume, or experi- being passed over for promotion or demoted. Even when ences a gentle caress. The sensation has no discern- something seems to go right, joy is fleeting and only ible source and fades after a few moments. They take perverse de- adise, such as a beautiful vase or toppled statue.

This story set in Baldur's Gate goes far deeper than the first layer of Hell.

The light in spreading their unhappiness like a contagion. One of Nine Hells like to bemoan their misfortune and blame the liberating aspects of this planar feature is that you others for their horrible lives.

For exam- ple, the character's belt might snap, or a hellish insect While the spatial distortion can be unsettling to visi- might sting the character on the neck and leave a welt. For example, the char- weapon breaks. Most of the wildlife on Avernus is not edible to cut that halves the distance the characters must travel mortals, and most sources of water are poisonous or to reach their destination.

If the players don't know where to go or what to do next, You can remind players about the awfulness of or ifyou want to surprise them with fun roleplaying Avernus in the following ways: opportunities, have the Wandering Emporium ar- rive at the party's location. There are simple ways in which you can tailor the ad- If the characters want something that tastes good, venture to make Avernus an even more hellish place for they must buy it from licensed sellers such as Mahadi your particular band of adventurers.

Consider using the the rakshasa, who runs a restaurant called Infernal following methods to customize your party's experience: Rapture see page The price of a good-tasting meal is always a bit too high. Save these until that selfishness by granting that character inspiration the party reaches the Nine Hells, then use them to as described in chapter 4 of the Player's Handbook.

Unlike regular inspiration, the benefit can't be trans- ferred to another creature. For example, a character with the Folk Before the Blood War reduced it to a blasted wasteland, Hero background might have the flaw, "I'm quick to Avernus was a honey trap created by Asmodeus, a par- assume that someone is trying to cheat me. Fragments of this lost paradise still plunge devils and other denizens of Avernus.

Raven- would scavenge the wrecks and haul their gard did not go eagerly, however. It took months of per- plundered goods to Baldur's Gate, nestled on suasion by his fellow dukes-the other three members of the north shore of a bend in the River Chion- Baidur's Gate's ruling Council of Four- to convince him thar, and sell their booty. In the years since, to accept Elturel's invitation and leave the city in their Baidu r's Gate has grown into a walled city.

To- capable hands. Duke Thalamra Vanthampur was es- day, its foggy streets run red with the blood of unfortu- pecially convincing, having gathered petitions from the nates who fall prey to evil opportunists, many of whom nobility as well as leaders of the common rabble. An army of mercenary soldiers called the Flaming Not long after Ravengard arrived in Elturel, the city Fist keeps order in the city, and these soldiers answer was dragged down into the Nine Hells-wiped off the to Grand Duke Ulder Ravengard.

The members of the map. Given the distance between the two cities, it's no Flaming Fist don't care about justice; they crave power surprise that the residents of Baldur's Gate didn't bear and coin, nothing else. But despite the Fist's reputation of Elturel's fate until refugees from Elturgard start- for cruelty, the Grand Duke is widely regarded as an ing arriving in droves. Rumors concerning Elturel's honorable and reasonable man. At the same time. Whereas swept through the ranks of the Flaming Fist, which sud- Baldur's Gate has a well-earned reputation for being a denly found itself without a strong leader.

The two cities have endured a long, In the grand duke's absence, the government of bitter rivalry that originated when Baldur's Gate began Baldur's Gate continues to function under the three stealing cargo and coin from ships heading to and from remaining dukes- Belynne Stelmane, Dillard Portyr, Elturel, stifling that city's sea trade. Though the conflicts and Thalamra Vanthampur. Duke Portyr has gone so between Baldur's Gate and Elturel have always faJlen far as to recall his niece, Liara Portyr, from her post as short of open warfare, relations between the cities have commander of the Flaming Fist at Fort Beluarian in been tense for a long time- too long, some would say.

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Chult, in the hopes that she can keep the Flaming Fist in check. However, it will take time for her ship to arrive. Shortly after their arrival at the Basilisk Gate, the adventurers are drafted by a Flaming Fist captain Among those fleeing Elturgard are several Hellrid- and instructed to seek out and destroy Dead Three ers-paladins who have sworn oaths to defend Elturel. The Hellriders are not going The adventurers question a spy named Tarina.

In quietly, however, leadfog to violence and bloodshed. They've closed the outer gates to keep Baldur's Gate safe from the refugee The adventurers corner the Dead Three followers "threat," effectively trapping Baldurians behind their and one of Duke Vanthampur's sons in a dungeon own waJls.

Descent Into Avernus - Episode 9.2 - Roll20 Games Master Series

With the Flaming Fist distracted by the ref- before a chance encounter with Tiamat's cultists. Without the Flaming Fist to For characters oflevel 3 curtail them, these cultists have grown bold and now. Using money purloined from a clear and present danger to Baldur's Gate, the Tiamat's hoard by Zariel's minions on Avernus, Duke adventurers attack her villa and acquire an infernal Vantbampur hired Dead Three cultists to stir up trou- puzzle box from the last of her three sons.

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The shield binds the essence of a pow- Villa, the adventurers encounter Thavius Kreeg erful devil named Gargauth, whose presence in Baidur's and find the Shield ofthe Hidden Lord. Gate has fomented much of the evil that lurks in the hearts of the city's residents. For characters oflevel 4. The adventurers begin as 1st-level characters, advancing to 2nd level if they survive the encounter in Elfsong Tavern page 16 and 3rd level after conquering the dungeon of the Dead Three page The challenges they must overcome at the Low Lantern page 28 and Vanthampur Villa page 32 are great enough to advance them to 4th level.

After conquering the sewer complex below the villa page 37 and obtaining valuable information at Candlekeep page 45 , the characters advance to 5th level before entering the Nine Hells in chapter 2. Duke Dillard Portyr.

Zodge hopes to im- vipers clinging to the rocky slopes overlooking the Chion- press Commander Portyr with his ability to maintain thar River. From their high perches in the Upper City, the the peace in Baldur's Gate until her arrival. The whole of Baidur's for the well-being of the soldiers who serve under his Gate reeks of blood. One can command. Angry mobs can be dangerous, and Zodge is easily fathom why pirates and traders are drawn to this quick to take out the instigators so that the mob's anger place like flies to a carcass.

No one is arrested during the fra- cas the characters observe, but several commoners are Following the river farther east would eventually lead beaten and robbed of their money pouches after a brief you to Elturel, capital of the holy land of Elturgard-or skirmish with Zodgc and his soldiers.

Express to the at least that was the case until a few days ago. The Aood players that their characters would not be surprised by of refugees from Elturel has gotten worse since news Zodge's handling of the situation.


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Flaming Fist captains first arrived that the city has fallen. Everyone is saying have tremendous latitude when it comes to keeping the Baldur's Gate is next, but no one truly knows who or peace in Baldur's Gate, especially in the Lower City. It's widely known that the best way to deal with Flam- The patriars pay a mercenary army called the Flaming ing Fist soldiers is to bribe them.